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Sunday, December 25, 2011

unconscious mind

through fall to christmas season, i was attracted to
colorful things but as days get closer to christmas day,
my attention travel to white world
perhaps i was wishing for white snow
on christmas day
snow covered whit world
beautiful letter
it's like music flowing each line
white mohair sweater i knitted few years ago
so fluffy and soft 
i feel like an angle when i put it on
left over mohair and cotton yarn coaster
merry christmas ♫


  1. Merry Christmas dear friend

  2. No snow here yet...still hopeful though.

  3. Merry Christmas! I hope you will have some snow now when it is christmas. We have a lot of snow here in nothern Sweden.
    You can sew the seeds I sended you any time now. Let them have a time of winter so they can started to grow in springtime.
    Have a nice day.

  4. your sweater is beautiful !

  5. Merry christmas, best wishes and hugs.