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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

looking for wild flower

idon't like people who yell at me
don't like mean words come out from coworks
so glad stressful tuesday is over

doing flower embroidery not only makes me feel calm
but also helps me realize that i still appreciate
little things in life
with all my imagination
adding each stiches little bit at a time
finally became small wild flower garden
no pattern, no direction
just make few stiches as the wind blows

if you ever had a bad day
try little stiches on piece of fabric
it might take you to calm peaceful place

now will make hot tea before bedtime
and will go to bed soon
what kind of tuesday did you have ?


  1. Sounds great way of using imagination and embroidery skills. Will try one day.

  2. Tuesday is just begining for me. I am sorry yours was so stressful. Your embroidery is beautiful & I am glad that it gave you peace.

  3. I agree with you, embroidery quiets the mind and calms me down
    I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you

    Today I did cross stitching while sipping the hazelnut tea you sent me :) delicious !
    Now I am going to get some fresh vegetables, maybe take a walk and get some fresh air.

  4. WHo dared yell at you!?
    It's funny, I was thinking about starting an embroidery... but my to do list is already sooo long...

  5. well, we have to buy another washing machine... Cleaning and moving the plants at the shop this morning a little soil fall into my eye and its very annoying. But I can see your beautiful embroidery work which is beautiful :)))

  6. Merry xmas!!!! joyeux noël from gini

  7. hello again! I have read your comment at ¨coses petites¨blog. It is not to late to put your bulb in water :)

  8. I spent tuesday afternoon taking some photos and doing some sewing. This year I want to make myself some presents for my family, so I'm very busy!
    Love your embroidery! My sister in law gave me an embrodery book for my birthday, will try to make some embrodery lavender pillows!

  9. i don't like that kind of people either. especially if they don't say that they are truly sorry afterwards!!!
    glad to hear that doing the flower embroidery helped. it looks so pretty : )you are so talented, i get inspired by you coco.

    we have been without internet- connection the last days because of the windy weather we have had here. but now the wind has calmed and they have fixed the connection also. today it is raining, there is almost no snow left...i guess at the end of the day we will have a "green" garden again.

    going to make myself a cup of tea now and knit on some wristwarmers that i started on yesterday. i think i will have the green of london tea and maybe a bite of marzipan together with it. a nice combination : )


  10. I'm sorry about the bad day, and negative people. But oh the flower embroidery is beautiful!

    Coco, your lovely package arrived at my house, and I've been using your coasters. My mom loves them, too. I just posted about it on my blog, and I'd love to mail you something in return. Can I send it to the return address on the package?