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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


tuesday is alyways a long and tiring day standing on my feet
all day.  since i've been eating unhealthy lunch like instant
cup noodle often lately, i told myself that i need to
fix something healthier. 
here is what i brought for lunch today.
glazed carrots, fried chiken,
garlic stem sauteed with pork,
potato salad, sauteed raddish leaf, roasted cod roe,
and rice and miso-soup and hot green tea
it's not that feminie look but i like wrapping lunch box with
different fabrics (daruma tenugui)
to make lunch time more fun

after work, stopped by the local library and rent some
magazines.  i should read more books but l like magazine
with pretty photos.  so i rented two and walked home.
it was very dark and cold but felt good walking in the
cool air and moon shines my foot steps all the way
to my house.   i was fine.
here is safer place than where i used to live.
now i am home
hope tomorrow will be another
 good day for all of you
good night ☾

p.s.  today i received lots of mail again.
email and letter in the post.  it is so heart
warming to receive so many notes.  reading
each one make me feel very good inside
thank you to all

Monday, January 30, 2012

left over

what do you do with left over part of veges?  i am not
good at discarding them immediately.  often think of other
use.  doing another silly experiment with raddish.
soon, it will be raddish gungle in my house
carrot glazed with
mazzetti balsamico, sugar, soy souce


astrantia major
enjoyed the candle light and coffee in the afternoon

daikon since then....6 days old now

on 1/24 i placed daikon top in the water after bottom was used for pickle
he didn't say a word
i kept adding water till his neck height each morning
got up this morning
he is saying hello.... finally
new baby leaf is coming out
will keep watering again

Sunday, January 29, 2012

nice to come home

sort of faded pink. that was the color of my roof.
few days ago, i took another path to come home.  immediately,
i noticed something is different.  something about my house. 
zlzllzxx.x.x.  nmm, the roof! it's not pink anymore.  ??
i asked "why?" i kind of liked the color before. now it is grey.
i was the lady with pink roof but not anymore.
now i am the lady with grey roof.  but it might be good because
even when the crow poop on it, it won't be noticeble...
that is the good part
yet, it is still nice to come home.

made pancake this morning
it's been for a while..more than while
so it tasted faburous
simple plesure
can't help myself that i love simple things

have fun weekend to all

spring garden

lots of spring garden ideas flown by my mind lately.  this year i would
love to make my garden full of wild flowers and herbs.  get out to my
garden every morning.  pick some fresh herbs each time i cook.  
set up bird feeder by the window.  little birds visit my garden and play
little while and when they get full, they might sing a song, then wonder
around between the flower pots while i watch them peacefully
that would be paradise

it is so nice to share some love for gardening with others, i am
patiently waiting to sew the seed from sweden.  not sure if they will
do well in my land but will try.  here is hans garden.  
lots of beautiful flowers and snow scenes.
i especially like his white flowers.

he organized seed very nicely
thanks hans

Saturday, January 28, 2012

making pickles

slice raddish
sprinkle some salt (lightly)
put a small plate over
...then, put heavy pot over the plate
wait for about 15 min or so
you can take a break and have a cup of tea while you wait
after about 15-20min, extra water comes out
squeeze out water and put raddish in a jar
put sweet venegar (venegar + sugar boiled to get
rid of sourness till sugar melt, let it cool) and
hot pepper, yuzu peel
if you don't have them, you can just do with hot pepper if you like hot 
i used my yuzu peel that i frozed not too long ago

give it about 4-5 days
but usually i can't help myself wanting to taste after few days

now, you can have a little play time with left over leaf
chopped them up in small pieces
sautee with pecan and sesame seed
salt, pepper, drizzle of soy souce
enjoy fresh vege sautee like this


quick and easy and yammy
potato, mashroom, olive
chopped and lightly sautee in olive oil
salt & pepper
rosemary and thyme
cheese on top
oven for few minutes
good morning

Friday, January 27, 2012


     will be pickled      
          coffee tree         

walked to the cafe and ordered cup of hot chocolate
it came with a small cocoa pound cake
bought some vege and bag of sesame cracker i like
came home...had green tea and sushi

will make raddish pickle tomorrow

Thursday, January 26, 2012

glad to be off tomorrow

another day is over here and i was kind of relieved because i am off
tomorrow....this makes me even forget about how tired i was
my coworker was shouting that there was snow flurries again during
lunch hour today but i was too busy and missed it...

instead of going far away tomorrow, i would rather stay here
and do lots of homey stuff at home ...
being home and do some cozy things
and go for a walk to see some nature green and find
pretty color's wild flowers maybe
i hope there will be some flurries while i walk

oh, and tomorrow, i might cut more daikon and put them
in the cold air to make some dried one and sautee in olive oil
they taste utterly good
have you try to drying some of your veges? 
if not you better try!  veges get sweeter and they are delicious
it can even become a good snack for you and your kids..
might share the photo tomorrow if the weather is good enough

good night now

slow morning

was very hectic crazy day at work yesterday
 too much over time and didn't sleep well last night
...  trying to enjoy lazy morning
only cheese and herb but i like it
avo and pickle
few more day
till get more mellow taste