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Thursday, January 26, 2012

glad to be off tomorrow

another day is over here and i was kind of relieved because i am off
tomorrow....this makes me even forget about how tired i was
my coworker was shouting that there was snow flurries again during
lunch hour today but i was too busy and missed it...

instead of going far away tomorrow, i would rather stay here
and do lots of homey stuff at home ...
being home and do some cozy things
and go for a walk to see some nature green and find
pretty color's wild flowers maybe
i hope there will be some flurries while i walk

oh, and tomorrow, i might cut more daikon and put them
in the cold air to make some dried one and sautee in olive oil
they taste utterly good
have you try to drying some of your veges? 
if not you better try!  veges get sweeter and they are delicious
it can even become a good snack for you and your kids..
might share the photo tomorrow if the weather is good enough

good night now

1 comment:

  1. I am planning on buying a dehydrator to dry food. I agree they taste so good. Even better when they are home dried and not bought from a shop.

    Enjoy your day off.