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Saturday, January 7, 2012


little chilly but the sun was here with us today 
too high, ............ can't reach them

the best thing i can give myself is to make time for walking and
wondering around neighborhood

beautiful work of hand woven basket made by nature lover, littlelichen
gathered material  and weaved by herself
such a admiring work

a friend gave me some yuzu, lot of them
i peel them carefully and making dry citrus peel
this will last for a long time and will be used in my cooking
through out the year
it gives such a wonderful flavor
can be used for tea, soup, etc  ♫

i like her corner photo a lot
here is my corner in the bathroom ☺
small wreath was made today
and replaced with an old one i had since last year
hanging coreopsis flower


  1. coco,
    whay are these flat bells?
    they look like moths

    beautiful colors there
    can not believe its winter time

  2. I'm so glad you're enjoying the basket Coco. It looks so pretty filled with fruit. Are those Yuzu?

    Ps-Don't you just love it when tons of beautiful red berries are hanging just out of reach...sigh

  3. It was so lovely to visit here again ♥

  4. i like your corner too dear friend!:)

    your potpourri looks beautiful, i am sure it smells heavenly also!

    i am having jasmine tea and chocolate with blueberrie filling...yum...

    going to bed to read a book soon,
    good night : )

  5. those beautiful citruses must smell delicious...

  6. @olga
    flat bell? on the 3rd photo,maybe?
    I don't know the name, it is one of wild flower i sew near by.

    yes, they are yuzu. we use it a lot during season(winter time). i now have a lot of yuzu peel in my freezer and also dry one.

  7. Love the sweet little basket. I have made a couple of baskets myself and want to make more in the future.

    I miss yuzu--I love the smell and taste of it!

    We had a little sink like that in Japan, over the toilet--so clever!

  8. I love your humour and the way you see things!