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Monday, January 16, 2012

wondering in town

i think it is german bread with some dried fruits
tea muffin and very mini bread
love this multi grain rich bread very much
enjoyed when i got home this evening....delicious

at zakka shop in town today
found so many cute things
i bought antique green eco bag, some cups for jello
as i love making jello in the summer
and etc

lunch at italian place was great
walked to the train station and walked back
on my way home even though it was getting dark and cold,
great day i had in a long time
feel content tonight 


  1. I also love to have some time by my own and walking around shops looking for beautiful things to enjoy.

  2. I love looking around at the second hand stores too. Can't beat recycled ;)

  3. the bread looks good enjoy using your jello cups when you make some jello in the summer