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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


it always has been a big assigenment for a lady who cook,
but she enjoyed jugging, twisting her brain and cook something
good, fulfilling everybody's satiety.
what could be the perfect breakfast? a man said abruptly.
"perfect? not sure,  but i will fix something" she said.
mashroom cheese sandwich, pepper sausage, and green leaf
        ↓                         ↓                   ↓
something homemade, something from the store, something from the garden
and fresh brewed coffee 
the lady wiped off wet hands in her white apron
then walked back to the kitchen to clean up the mess
when she look back there was a man sitting quietly
she saw a man smiling contently and started eating


  1. I hoped he helped with the dishes!!

  2. This is a really sweet post Coco. That sausage looks yummy!

  3. Cooking for somebody who enjoys eating = great feeling! What a lovely post..

  4. That's sweet Coco. DId you write it?

  5. I want to ask the same as Alma? Is a little story of yours?

  6. it is a fiction that i came up with. i like writing short story.

  7. You make me smile. A nice story.
    And i love the plate too.
    Hugs, Pauline