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Monday, January 2, 2012


family reunion during new years
all siblings brought kids
and my parents were so happy seeing grandchildren
i have no kid, it was bit hard for me
but i was there
and enjoyed my niece and nephews
at least i found peace in myself
it will be ok
will enjoy flowers and plants again this year



  1. I so love looking at your photos, especially if they represent daily life. Every little bit seems so different from the italian way...

  2. I don't have children of my own either Coco, so I understand how you feel.

  3. I totally understand how it feels visiting your family, and everyone having kids except for you... it's the same for me! All my nieces and nephews have kids or are pregnant and i feel a bit "weird" sometimes cause i don't!

  4. such beautiful photos...

    Children do no create happiness, happiness is to be found inside you, with or without children.
    Have a sweet night Coco