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Sunday, January 15, 2012

longing for

worked all weekend this week
now longing for good day off
luckly, i am off tomorrow
plan for tomorrow is to visit zakka shop on train
but i am going to do lots of walking to enjoy fresh air
early in the morning.............
how early?  oh it is just around 9 am
hoping to find some nice zakka and tasty bread while i am in town
fresh bread and little bit of margarine is one of my favorite snack
on my day off afternoon with cup of coffee

good night



  1. Enjoy your day off. Mmm...fresh bread is delicious and it smells so good too.
    My blog is in Dutch. For the recipe there's a link in English.
    Hugs, Pauline

  2. Hey coco, I hope you can enjoy your free day! I wonder if you got the christmas card that I sent you. Did you get it? Lovely greetings!

  3. zakka refers to anything/everything to improve your lifestyle and appearance, such as kitchen items, house decorating things, accessary, etc..
    all the things girls love

  4. Hope you're having a lovely day! Sounds like a deserved one, too..

  5. Than I'm a 'zakka' girl too!
    have a nice day off coco :^)

  6. "zakka", what a interesting word :)