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Sunday, January 29, 2012

nice to come home

sort of faded pink. that was the color of my roof.
few days ago, i took another path to come home.  immediately,
i noticed something is different.  something about my house. 
zlzllzxx.x.x.  nmm, the roof! it's not pink anymore.  ??
i asked "why?" i kind of liked the color before. now it is grey.
i was the lady with pink roof but not anymore.
now i am the lady with grey roof.  but it might be good because
even when the crow poop on it, it won't be noticeble...
that is the good part
yet, it is still nice to come home.

made pancake this morning
it's been for a while..more than while
so it tasted faburous
simple plesure
can't help myself that i love simple things

have fun weekend to all


  1. Pancakes are my favourite breakfast!!
    I love eating them with cocos!

  2. So pretty--I love simple things, too.

    It's funny that your roof has changed colors!

  3. Hey, it looks like we both had the same thing for breakfast this morning! Your pancakes are a lot prettier than mine though :)

  4. Nice eggplant picture.
    MMMMmm pancakes! I made cookies today for my sister's birthday!

  5. I like the simplicity of your blog very much, beautiful.