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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


rain drop started falling few minutes ago
sound of rain
like a slow music
i knew there will be rain soon
because there was very dark deep grey sky over the mountain
grey clouds are moving toward this direction
rain today
snow tomorrow
it's cold
i agree weather man's prediction
hope it snows tomorrow and i am off 

vintage clothes from my sister
about to be thrown away
i resqued the material and made it into small pouch
hard material to crochet but in the end
it will worth it i think


  1. Winter started in Belgium!!
    It's sooooooo cold! But a beautiful sunny blue sky!

  2. Beautiful pouch!
    Here it is getting colder and colder, too. The Siberian cold wis coming.

  3. Pretty pouch! We have a bit of snow here now--hope you get some, too, and you can stay home and be warm.