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Sunday, January 29, 2012

spring garden

lots of spring garden ideas flown by my mind lately.  this year i would
love to make my garden full of wild flowers and herbs.  get out to my
garden every morning.  pick some fresh herbs each time i cook.  
set up bird feeder by the window.  little birds visit my garden and play
little while and when they get full, they might sing a song, then wonder
around between the flower pots while i watch them peacefully
that would be paradise

it is so nice to share some love for gardening with others, i am
patiently waiting to sew the seed from sweden.  not sure if they will
do well in my land but will try.  here is hans garden.  
lots of beautiful flowers and snow scenes.
i especially like his white flowers.

he organized seed very nicely
thanks hans


  1. can't wait to see your wild flowers and herbs enjoy sowing them.
    about my avo : it is one plant , there is standing a green woodenstick beside hime in the pot, to support the stam, it looks like there are two stams.

  2. I love the little ice cream scoop plant have so many great ideas Coco. Sharing seeds is so much fun. We do a plant swap at my work in the springtime. I can't wait for it, it's so much fun to see what everyone has to trade.

  3. Can't wait to start gardening again! Plan to plant a lot of veggies and herbs this season! It's okay with my new apartment, I managed to feel comfortable there! Wish you a wonderful week!

  4. Maybe have a bird bath for the hot weather??

    We enjoy watching birds come in to drink and bathe.

  5. *spectator:
    oh, the bird bath? never thought of it. yes, they do need water to drink, don't they.
    do i just put some water in the pan? do you have any photos around your's?

  6. I hope that these seeds would germinate and grow this summer. It may be so that some of the seeds will not germinate until the summer 2013th Some of these seeds may need a long period of coldness, then they will germinate. Here in Sweden we always have cold winters, these plants are used to that, and they wait to germinate until the thaw out in spring, some seeds germinate directly, you will see. Please be patient
    Have a nice day.