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Thursday, January 19, 2012

spring garden idea

i get really lucky when i am not looking for something so hard,
at used book store, i found two beautiful garden books today
it has so many useful cute ideas
full of natural garden idea here

here is my current garden as of today:
my flower was screeming for bigger space for them
to breath more freely, i finally put it in the pot
and placed it in front of my livingroom
where is visible from the window for me to keep eye on it
it is raining and grey grey sky today
i like looing at candle when rain outside
dear nasturtium,
i thought you are orange
now you have some yellow one's
is this a surprise or magic?


  1. Seems like you find some nice books with great ideas for your garden!!

    We are having a grey wet day as well here... rain rain and more rain! But being inside with some candles is charming too!

  2. Oh ytes I love Japanese little books that always give cute ideas for one's interior.

  3. what a inspiring post! My nasturtiums are doing well in Japan :)
    Sunny day here!

  4. I love all of the garden ideas!

    I remember growing nasturtiums in Japan--they grow very well there. I don't see them very often here in Germany.

  5. This is too funny Coco....I was going to post about a book my brother bought me in Japan :). Guess we're thinking alike today. You'll like it, it's all about wildflowers and plants.

    I just love nasturtiums. With all those sunny colors, can't help but smile. Those little can planters in the book you got are a great idea too.

  6. Here it is hot, hot, hot.

    Those pictures are very cute. And why is it that when you are not looking hard for something that you really want, it comes your way? Strange how that happens.

  7. Ohh your garden is beautiful. Do you only grow flowers? I hope I can have a small one in the near future.