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Monday, January 16, 2012


it is so nice to have handmade shelf
a handyman made a wooden shelf for me near my washroom sink
i love the simplicity of it
now i can put some towels and small hand knitted stuff here 
it was a great day today and walking so much made me little tired
but kind of "feeling good tiredness"
had quick simple supper just little while ago
then light some candles to lighten up my dark kitchen and 
tried to relax for the night
small candle light
helping me relax
creating peacefulness here

now having some hot tea
may stay up late to read some magazines

good night


  1. Your kitchen looks very cozy. So nice!

  2. Simply walking makes things so much better, doesn't it.. I love it, too. It almost always does the trick.

  3. i know what you mean by "feel good tiredness". I love that feeling, and I love it when it is freezing cold and your face is very cold but the rest of your body is nice and warm, and you walk outside.
    Have a sweet night

  4. good night! Remember to blow up your candle before go to sleep :0

  5. You definitely know how to create a peaceful atmosphere.
    Have a good rest.

  6. Such a cozy space, I love the subtle colors!

  7. Great photos, your home is very nice. I hope you will find a Katsura tree in any gardencenter in your neighborhood. It is a beautiful tree.