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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


tuesday is alyways a long and tiring day standing on my feet
all day.  since i've been eating unhealthy lunch like instant
cup noodle often lately, i told myself that i need to
fix something healthier. 
here is what i brought for lunch today.
glazed carrots, fried chiken,
garlic stem sauteed with pork,
potato salad, sauteed raddish leaf, roasted cod roe,
and rice and miso-soup and hot green tea
it's not that feminie look but i like wrapping lunch box with
different fabrics (daruma tenugui)
to make lunch time more fun

after work, stopped by the local library and rent some
magazines.  i should read more books but l like magazine
with pretty photos.  so i rented two and walked home.
it was very dark and cold but felt good walking in the
cool air and moon shines my foot steps all the way
to my house.   i was fine.
here is safer place than where i used to live.
now i am home
hope tomorrow will be another
 good day for all of you
good night ☾

p.s.  today i received lots of mail again.
email and letter in the post.  it is so heart
warming to receive so many notes.  reading
each one make me feel very good inside
thank you to all


  1. It does look very healthy!
    Bon appétit !

  2. What a tasty looking lunch, a nice and balanced meal. I remember this Japanese book I read called "Toto Chan: The Little Girl at the Window" by Tetsugo Kuroyanagi. Her principal used to ask the kids to bring "something from the mountain and something from the sea" for lunch. It struck me as such an inspiring way to think of a balanced diet. Good night and hope you have a good day tomorrow!

  3. im glad you are having
    good time coco
    with letters
    and these meals.
    i love furoshiki (right?)
    for wrapping so much

  4. I always wanted to try mentaiko. It looks really really good. that wrapping cloth is adorable too.

  5. Your lunch looks healthy and so good! I wish I would make more sophisticated lunches, now I'm inspired!