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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

window side

forgotten garlic has grown this much now with green leaves
what to do with this?

when i wake up in the morning,
i like to look at window side,
no change everyday,
but depending on the weather and time i wake up,
it has different atmosphere
as sun glares, it is so bright shining
when the sky is grey, it is oddly dark and quiet
on rainy day, peaceful tranquility space appears
when snows, filled with peacefulness


  1. You can still use these for cooking. Simply remove the green sprout first.
    Or you can plant it, but it take a long time for new bulbs to grow.

  2. Maybe you could plant the garlic Coco? It may still be early enough there. We plant it into early November here for harvest the next year, but our planting season is a little shorter here.

  3. i have the same thing
    with baby onion on my

    good morning to you coco
    here is dark till 11
    even with all snow around

  4. You can plant the garlic and get new harvet next season, if you are lucky. or plant it indoors in a pot and use the green stalks it grows like chives.

  5. I would try to put it into soil... It might grow.