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Wednesday, February 29, 2012



i was sick all morning but the sun invited me to come over
and couldn't refuse, i wanted gather some flower petals and
fruits again for homemade potpourri but no luck today,
maybe some other time when i'm feeling good

this is how it looks over here on the last day of february

hope your day is sunshining too

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


very cold morning to start with
but later on, the sun appeared and made
brighning almost spring like atmosphere throughout the day
in the evening, i didn't see any stars at all
moon was obscured by the fog
i wonder what the sky look like tomorrow
i am hoping to see the sun smiling again

the patch on elbow

as soon as i saw, my heart melted
we hit it off from the first time
love the character, appearence, the atmosphere
have you had this kind of instant attraction lately?
this was how i felt when i saw this sweater ☺

Monday, February 27, 2012


"sunshine ..." 
lovely name   ~ hmmm..  
renilde at-swim-two-birds gave me sunshine award....
as many of your blogs bring a me smile
if mine remind you a glimpse of happy moment
that makes me happy too
thank you for the cheering award, renilde

when receiving the award you are asked to aswer
some questions and then pass the award to five people
who deserve another sunshine. 

favorite color: white and natural color like in linen fabric
favorite animal: birds ...especially small ones
favorite non-alcoholic drink: coffee and tea...lately, i am loving
camomile tea, it really put me in a calm good moood ♡
facebook or twitter: no, no idea what to do with it
getting or giving presents: getting is good but giving also makes me happy
when seeing/hearing how the person liked it, sometimes this is better
than just receiving big present
favorite flower: ohh, lots of favorites...but my favorite are herbs and white flowers
favorite pattern: flower, polkadot, stripe
passion: love flower, cooking, photography, nature, walking while
seeing tree and sky and moon ☽
favorite number: #6

now, here are the 5 blogs i like to share

Sunday, February 26, 2012

green onion life

after you used leaf of green onion, what do you do with the roots?
if you like vege experiment at home, you can put it back in the soil
and it will keep growing back and give you some green leafy onion
again and again.  this might save your trip back to the store
when you need only little bit of green in your cooking.

left is what i did today and the one on the right
was from many month ago and i have been able to
trim and use it for my cooking.  leaf keeps coming back
helping me for my home cooking

green onion & potato pancake for lunch
enjoy your green onion

liebster blog award

i was inspired by his garden work, started using translation
and read about how he enjoys garden in northen part of the world,
it is nice to be able to share what we like in this blog space.
few days ago, i received an award from hans, Svanå trädgård
i am so flattered
thank you so much, Hans.

now, i selected five blogs i enjoy.
(which has less than 200 followers)
thanks for sharing your world with us.  

 i am in love with this petite creature at the moment 
rhodanthe anthemoides "paper cascade"
from the garden shop i went couple days ago

a little bird told me

wind tickling my window this morning
hope my plants won't be blown away
they have to hold on to each other pot

many unfinished project all over in my house
try to finish one at a time

a little girl danced around her dinner table with joy
my little letter made someone dance
....nice to hear heart warming things

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

roadside garden & taramosalata

woke up with headache and tiredness but i wanted to see 
pretty flowers as they give me sunshine.   i went on foot and
peaked some houses and the garden as i passed by.  this house
always have lots of potfull of green and flower.  i imagine a
proud grandpa must enjoy his gardenhood and display his work of art
like this on the street.  in spring, it will be flowers all over blooming 
on these pots and i will enjoy looking at them like last year.  
got to the garden center after 30min walk

this afternoon, i made taramosalata
with mashed potato and cod roe and olive oil.
and cup of peachy tea made me feel good.

Sunday, February 19, 2012