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Friday, February 3, 2012

when spring comes

would be nice to open a little shop
people comes by spending few moment here
like a window shopping ....
enjoying the color and texture of my handmade
plan and hope to open a little shop like that
by spring


  1. that matt that your mug is sitting on is beautiful. did you knit it yourself? as I imgaine you did, because you're very creative, was it difficult? well done again coco.

  2. * sharolyn
    yes, i knitted that. never knew what kind of color comes out in the end till i finish and it was so fun to make this one.

  3. Coco's little shop, sounds great!

  4. Sorry. No photos of our bird bath.

    I look forward to your shop.

  5. That would be awesome Coco. I hope you do because you make such beautiful things.