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Thursday, February 9, 2012

tea time

my coffee comsumption has decreased dramatically 
 now i enjoy more variety of tea
tea time became more cozy part of my day
hot herb tea i am having this afternoon
 ginger, lemon glass, lemon balm, yuzu(citrus peel)
lemon glass from dear friend and i kept it in the glass jar
lemon balm i picked from my balcony pot
hopefully it will grow big throughout the year
what kind of tea in your tea pot today?


  1. I have been drinking apple tea and brown rice green tea.
    I like ginger lemon and yuzu tea too.
    Love your teapot :)

  2. Hi coco, the brown rice green tea I have is from Japan! :)

  3. I make my own mix of herb tea: peppermint, balm, goldbalm, sage, calendula, hollyhock, cornflower, chamomile. Refreshing. I try to mix it the same way the italian monastery did it from where I bought it originally. Soon there will be a post on it in my blog.

  4. i am going to make my first pot today now. going to be from the dried lemon verbena i got as a gift from a far away friend's garden. it is sooo delicious : )

  5. I'm just drinking chocolate/mint tea.
    I love that lately.
    Hugs, Pauline

  6. I've been drinking hyssop tea with a little licorice root for sweetness lately. It's fantastic when your feeling under the weather.

  7. MMhhh...sound yummy yummy yummy i got love in my tummy :)

    I prefer totally fresh giger with fresh peppermint and honey!
    or the weet love tea from kusmi!
    you should try it.

  8. A gift from a friend! It's delicious.