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Thursday, March 1, 2012

door bell

when i hear the word "march", it feels like the spring has
rung the door bell and  feel like i need to get busy
for my garden, but it is still not warm enough 
yet for sewing the new seed.
there are so many different spices of seed in the packages 
lined up and waiting for their turn to secound life
in the woods, i still keep reminding them
to "be patient little while ~, it won't be too long"


  1. so nice!
    My seeds are waiting for me too :)

  2. I can see how some of my plants need to enjoy the outside air again, but it is still too cold here as well. I can't wait for spring to begin!

  3. Mine as well, but I keep them first inside. Nice cards. and your wood is bamboo :-) In Zurich there is a bamboo wood in the old botanical garden, it is very exotic there, but I like it a lot.

  4. Mine too! I ordered a bunch from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds...they have the best varieties of veggies. My favorite are the Thai green eggplant. They're tough the get started, but so delicious. It's so nice looking forward to that.

    I love your little bamboo grove :)

  5. is this a bamboo forest in the last picture, it looks awesome!

  6. Siento su alegría y expectativa por la llegada de la primavera, mientras yo me preparo para despedir el verano.... el mundo redondo y nosotras en las antípodas...