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Monday, February 13, 2012


it was good to hear my cardiospermum seed made lots of balloons in
alice's garden this morning.  made me really happy to see
them doing well on the other side of the world. 

rainy day


  1. Wow, that's so nice! Here it is still impossible to grow plants outside. Still minus 15 degrees! Yesterday it was even minus 18. I am looking forward to working with plants and to see more green. Today I will get some tulips :) They should help for now :)

  2. they are so pretty! i wonder if they would grow in the eastern med. my daughter's favourite story is about a tiny seed and its perilous journey across the sea, the desert and the frozen mountains until it finds a clump of earth to land and grow...

  3. That's wonderful indeed.
    I wonder what the vegetable in the saucepan is! It's nice.

  4. @wide-eyed-tree:
    my tulip in the pot outside is waiting(hope) for warm weather too. i am looking forward to see them in my garden soon.
    no snow, but still cold here too. most of my plants are patiently waiting and trying to survive.

  5. @eau de nil
    what a lovely story about the seed. it did in germany last year as i remember.

  6. @alma
    vege in saucepan is carrots&lotus root sautee i cooked yesterday. they are very good and one of favorite veges. i also made salad with it and delicious. have you ever had it?

  7. Coco, el primer globo ya esta casi totalmente de color café.... muero por ver los primeros corazones!!!!!