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Thursday, February 2, 2012


          today i appreciated 
          ordinary surrounding
          nothing special
          but comfortable sunlight

my old desk, cheap hangers, entrance of temple i often walk by,
my walk and shadow, cool's so cold that my hands
are freezing and feel like contracted.
natural leaf shadow looks like a monotone painting on wooden wall.
this was so beautiful that i just wanted to sit there for a moment.
raddish pickle i made the other day is ready for serving.
started knitting fabric ribbon.  love this.


  1. lovely pictures. I'm a bit curious about which country you live in? have a nice day!

  2. i like your knitting
    very much and raddish
    i thought its dessert!
    shadows make everything
    so real

  3. hi coco!
    I got your letter today! thank you thank you thank you! that was such a sweet idea! lovely seeds and tea! wonderful! I will try the tea this weekend, when I have time to enjoy it. And this weekend I will put together a few seeds and send it to you.
    Waiting for better weather now with the seeds (we have - 15 deegrees celsius at the moment, brrrr).