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Monday, February 20, 2012

roadside garden & taramosalata

woke up with headache and tiredness but i wanted to see 
pretty flowers as they give me sunshine.   i went on foot and
peaked some houses and the garden as i passed by.  this house
always have lots of potfull of green and flower.  i imagine a
proud grandpa must enjoy his gardenhood and display his work of art
like this on the street.  in spring, it will be flowers all over blooming 
on these pots and i will enjoy looking at them like last year.  
got to the garden center after 30min walk

this afternoon, i made taramosalata
with mashed potato and cod roe and olive oil.
and cup of peachy tea made me feel good.


  1. Ohh mashed potato and cod roe! That looks quite delicious. The one home garden is as impressive as the garden center display! I got one cactus for my new place. I hope my home garden expands in the coming weeks.

  2. the daffodils! They are very difficult to sell them at the shop... People think that they are a perennial plant :(
    They don´t understand the magic of bulbs!

  3. Ooooh that looks yummy. I need to make some of that so I can use my new butter knife :). I've never been able to find mentaiko here though, so I guess I'll have to wait until next time I go visit my brother over there.

    I love the way that garden spills out onto the street, so sweet.