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Sunday, February 26, 2012

liebster blog award

i was inspired by his garden work, started using translation
and read about how he enjoys garden in northen part of the world,
it is nice to be able to share what we like in this blog space.
few days ago, i received an award from hans, Svanå trädgård
i am so flattered
thank you so much, Hans.

now, i selected five blogs i enjoy.
(which has less than 200 followers)
thanks for sharing your world with us.  

 i am in love with this petite creature at the moment 
rhodanthe anthemoides "paper cascade"
from the garden shop i went couple days ago


  1. :) What a surprise!!! Thank you.
    I am going to investigate about this plant and the other blogs :0

  2. how nice it was to see how the flower looked like before also, so beautiful! i want to find out if we have that plant here in my part of the world..going to check it out.


  3. Thanks so much Coco :). You brighten our world too!

  4. ohhhh, thank you for the enjoyment! It's not all about followers, like live is more fragile, then to put every minute on facebook. andrea