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Sunday, February 12, 2012

still daylight

it used to be dark already when i leave for work in the evening.
daylight is getting longer and am so glad that it is still daylight
when i get off work in the afternoon. 
i feel like torned ankle ligament lately
so i am limiting my walk and have to keep reminding myself
not to walk too much but this is hard
i love walking
i found my avo cracking little bit now. 


  1. isn't it great, the days are getting longer...makes me smile!

    Oh no, hope your ankle will heal soon!!

  2. Por acá lo que se nota son días más cortos... en la mañana al levantarme para ir al trabajo el sol demora en salir.... ( será que se queda alumbrando tus tardes...)
    Las plantitas de Cardiospermum demoraron en desarrollarse... pero ya tienen unos hermosos globos que me ponen feliz al observarlos!
    Gracias Coco!

  3. Sorry you aren't feeling well Coco. Hope your ankle feels better soon.