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Friday, March 23, 2012

between rain

rearranged the curtain in each room
sewed some camomile seed

even though the button fell off,
two decades old cardigan is still favorite  


  1. lovely!
    Today I opened a bottle of wine just to accompany a delicious cheese. It makes me think of you and your meals :)

  2. there is nothing better than such a lovely old cardigan.
    ps: there is a translation button on the blog , i asked if it could be placed on it, so now you can translate it.
    have good weekend !

  3. Se siente tan confortable tu día de lluvia que hasta me hace añorar uno así por acá... de lluvia no hay señales pero el sábado y ayer domingo la tierra nos ha mandado dos grandes temblores que nos recuerdan el último gran terremoto....