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Saturday, March 17, 2012

rainy mood

soft rain shower took over after the sunshine day ...and here
i am sitting while listening to the rain drop falling
sound of rain and foggy air laid over
outside plants are getting naturl shower while
inside avo and companion snuggle under the roof
rainy saturday
will find some sunny activiy


  1. We've had that sort of misty rainy fog lately too. I'm still lighting fires at night to burn off some of the dampness and chill. I love your picture with the candles around your plants, they look so cozy and warm.

  2. Dear Coco,
    I've lost your blog but now I found it back. Have a nice weekend

    Ilse " ex moose in the forest"

  3. i like the right picture, with the little drawing and the pit. i think you can translate the blog now, i asked if a translation tool could be placed on it. I wish you a good weekend, hopefully with sunshine again.