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Sunday, March 25, 2012

brown sugar doughnuts

it would be perfect to live in a foresty place
surrounded by tall trees and hearing birds all day long
..mmm that would be kind of dream i always have in mind

making brown sugar doughnuts for sunday afternoon
it was fun
childhood snack i often had like this

i am not sure how this tiny white flower came to my place
it was a pleasent suprise i saw on my citrus pot
it might be some kind of weed and my first intention was
to pick out but rather enjoy this tiny white flower

made some tin can flower pots to hang in balcony fence


  1. Yes, to live in a tiny house in the trees, would be perfect! Your doughnuts look delicious. I love the photo with the tea towel with red stripe. How clever you are to make the hanging baskets! I love them!

  2. i dreamt only last night of that kind of house, one side was all glass so there was barely a line between home and forest.

  3. Oh my goodness, those little donuts look absolutely deeelicious. Do you have a special recipe for them? I'd love to make them on a warm spring day. <3

  4. I hope you dream comes true one day Coco. Someone like you who appreciates even the tiniest flower would be the best kind of neighbor a forest could ask for.

  5. lovely recycling idea with the tin can flower pots!

  6. yes, i do have special recipe for this doughnut and be happy to share. it only require few ingredients and very easy one, only takes about 20-30min.

  7. I would love the recipe!!
    And I would love to live in the forest too! In the mountains!

  8. what yummy looking doughnuts! and to live in the forest...something I've always wanted. too. have a lovely week. xo, j