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Friday, March 2, 2012

eat the forest

aralia sprout
half sauteed
half boild and marinated with sweet&sour miso dressing ....sprinkled sesame seed

daikon&raddish leaf salad

grey rainy day here
taking these for lunch

good day to you


  1. Me parecen muy apetitosos esos vegetales... que tengas un buen almuerzo!

  2. Your aralia sprouts look good! They remins me on asparagus. Hope you feel much better by now!

  3. mmmmmm......:). Wild greens are always the best.

  4. i would happily eat that top forest for lunch too.
    bon appétit

  5. @all,
    as i was growing up, we ate many different wild greens and i am used to the idea but my coworker didn't like the foresty taste. so, i ate most of it by myself today.
    i would have invited you all if living in close area^^

  6. I would have happily eaten some of your wild greens. :)

  7. Me too....I would have loved to try your forest of greens! Yummm!!

  8. Right now, I just imagine flowers and stitch them, based on previous flowers I embroidered. But whenever I can, I browse through flower books (I have quite a few already, thanks to my lovely friends for gifting me them) and pick one I like. For the stitches, I have a book with over 200 stitches (mostly variations of one certain stitch). When I picked a flower, I search for the most fitting stitch.

    Nowadays, I just do. I don't look up flowers, I don't look up stitches. I'm trying to make a small collection of the same looking flowers. Soon, I'll get back at embroidering flowers I pick from books.

    Hope this helps! Have a lovely weekend, Coco!

  9. i LOVE that polka dot fabric! mine is hanging on the kitchen wall : )