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Thursday, March 15, 2012

getting ready for spring

my favorite is ivory round.  how about you✾
found some small pots for succulent and cactus and mini
hanging basket which i may use it in the kitchen.  i got lots
of inspiring ideas for decorating plants and i was busy
making mental note while photography was not
welcomed at the store.  had cup full of jasmine tea
to ease rest of my day.   i found that a good cup of hot tea
really helps me to relax and soften the atmosphere
with it's good aromatic smell


  1. I like all the small pots but I am most curious what you will do with the wire baskets. Can't wait to see!

  2. your preparations for spring look good!
    i had myself a good cup of tea as well today !

  3. They're all really cute. But my heart goes to the wire suspension! I'm looking for one... maybe I should try and make one myself!!

  4. Definitely the white round one! It looks lice with the succulents.