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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

lemon & mustard color

we rarely have chimney in this area of town but there is one
i found, i passed by this chimny on the way this morning,
i was early bird at the beauty shop and get my hair trimmed
about 10cm, feels good and ready for spring....


i stopped at this flower place again and tried to get some
colorful one but i alreay have so many plants at home and
lots of seed waiting for me to sew soon, so i decide to give up
on getting any this i left for home,
but this pale yellow margaret remain on my mind
so lemony sweet color, i couldn't resist being home without her,
after quick lunch, i made another trip back to the shop 
and brought her home with me 


sweet fragrace full of herb tea i enjoyed today
thanks so much andrea
beautiful dried herb and flower petals ♡
today, i am surronded by yellow,
yellow flower, crochet coaster, blanket,
lots of citrus, fire on my candle
and i enjoyed the herb tea with orange marzipan
thanks to all my readers, i am enjoying spring arrival
so greatful to your visit here



  1. oh it both looks and sounds wonderful!
    wish i was there : )

    snowing here :(

  2. Sounds and looks so very lovely. How often I have done the same by not impulsively buying something and then having to return when I just couldn't stop thinking about it! : )

  3. :) I'm happy that you enjoy the tea. I found actually the last ingredient which was still missing in the tea: cornflower petals-blue. Found it in switzerland in an enormous pharmacie with herbs and homeopathic "things". soon a post bout it. x

  4. That daisy is beautiful Coco.. I wouldn't have been able to resist either :)

  5. that flower tea looks wonderful!