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Monday, March 12, 2012

moment of snow

moment of snow flurry like white powder dancing in the air
good lunch and lot of shopping at a home center and a grocery store
now that i have too much food in the refrigerator
thinking about that even makes me feel full

i am enjoying candle light as i begin to make 
some hot drink for the night
so chilly tonight, my toes are freezing 
but i am goint to enjoy the rest of cold days
making warm cozy environment while i make plan for
spring garden and feast by using fresh spring veges

hope your days are filled with sunshine and coziness


  1. now that spring is a possibility, i'm also holding onto the coattails of winter because i know how harsh the summer will be. . .

    thank you for your beautiful words, i too come here to rest my eyes and spirit. thank you for sharing your quiet world.

    keep warm!

    with a hug,

  2. coco! i am also waiting patiently for warmer days, but it's been hard. it's still so cold here too. i hear from my mom who lives in los angeles that it is 80 degrees and so hot... sometimes i think it's not fair, but i also decided to embrace these last chilly days with a fire and warm soups! love your blog as always.

  3. what a lovely post! Here at Spain it has been a warm day. I take off my coat at lunch time!
    I have done the seeds post finally...

  4. Stay warm these last wintery days. I love the happy pensees.
    (What i made was a crème à la vanille. A kind of crème brûlée but without the suger caramel.)
    Hugs, Pauline