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Thursday, March 22, 2012


lots of hot pepper and garlic and olive oil on my dinner plate tonight.
cooked peperoncino spaghetti.
this bring back old memory of living near the smoky mountain while i was
a student once and cookd peperoncino often for night time snack
as i didn't have much money while i was struggling to finish my degree
i still like this simple recipe
that moutain really had cloudy smoke around very early in the morning
which was amazing and mysteriously calming scene

i walked around ikea shop the other day looking for some good stuff
suitable for my place, i found a nice kitchen stornas i fell in love with and
comtemplating whether to get it or not.  it might be too large for my house
but i will be so happy to be standing next to it and enjoy the kicthen life

in my terracotta pot, the tulip bulbs i put deep in the soil during the
late last year started having chunky green leaf, nice to see them breathing well,
i think i planted red, purple, and maybe white tulip...i think
or maybe there will be surprise as i am so absent minded

might be heavy rain here tomorrow
i will enjoy rain day activity if that happens


  1. Dear Coco,

    Last year you sent me some cardiospermum-seeds. I kept them because I didn't have the place to grow them, but now I have a lot of space. Will you please let me know when is the best time to plant them, so I can enjoy them this year?

  2. my tulips have green leafs too!The color is a mistery too :0
    I don´t understand what you have bought at ikea :(

  3. Puedo preguntar que carrera estudiaste?