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Thursday, March 8, 2012


i am patiently waiting for warmer days
this year, i will grow oregano, camomile, lavender,
olive tree, and also sew some of the seed i saved
from last year for window vine effect

planning on picnic lunch with a friend from work
who loves nature and cooking adventure
she often makes pickle and let me taste them..
they are yammy and i am a big fan of her home cooking

friend gave me lots of lots of ham
herb ham, teriyaki ham, more teriyaki ham
too much ham for myself to comsume
so i am making unique ham recipe to enjoy all these protein rich food

miss hearing the bird charping on the tree
i wonder where they are lately
i need to find a way to invite them over

the night is getting deeper
good night


  1. from Athens,sunny Athens,
    wishes for warmer days!

  2. I've always wanted to grow my own camomile for tea. Spring will come soon! I like to consider the planning for an event, spring, travel, etc, as an important part of getting there. xo

  3. the birds will be there soon!! Spring is just around the corner