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Monday, March 26, 2012

recipe for doughnuts lover

 this is the actual size of one round doughnut

here is very easy, simple recipe for my doughnuts.
i love eating doughnuts but making this is more fun.
here is the recipe i used.   you don't need much...
only need few things you usually have in your pantry.

sugar doughnuts(this makes about 25-30 round bowl shape doughnuts)
   - flour 300g
   - egg:  3
   - sugar 180g (either brown or white/your choice)
   - baking powder 1 tea spoon
1.  mix dry ingredients, then add eggs in it and mix it well
2.  after dough is mixed well, let it sit for few min (this makes the dough little moist)
3.  heat the oil in a pan with low heat for about 5min or so.
4.  use table spoon(large spoon) to scoup the dough.  scoop small size (about 3cm bowl size)
     and put in in a oil and cook till both side is yammy brown color. 

*  when you pre-heat the oil and while you cooking, please
always stay on low heat as medium and high heat makes the
doughnuts burn easily

enjoy making homemade doughnuts as well as tasting
and i would love to hear how your doughnuts came out


  1. Thank you for the recipe. I've seen previous shots of the donuts and wanted to ask for the recipe! Have a wonderful week.

  2. Mi mamá hacía estos buñuelos cuando yo era pequeña.... realmente son muy rápidos de hacer y el resultado es muy bueno. Me gustó que pusieras la receta, así yo podré intentar hacerlos, gracias!.
    Las fotos, y el bordado maravillosos!

  3. I've never made ​​donuts in my life! Your recipe seems simple I think I'll test it! I will show you the result in picture!

  4. Thank you for the recipe - I love doughnuts.
    Those flowers you made, look so pretty.

  5. mmmmm...looks very good!

    i sat in the sun today while eating left over cake from my birthday : )

  6. Thanks Coco, these look so tasty!

  7. Yes! Thanks Coco! I'll try maybe... tomorrow!

  8. yummy doughnuts! I adore the daisies on the cloth, so sweet. : )