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Friday, March 16, 2012

wheat bagel & spring potpourri

it's been many many months since i had good wheat bagel
love wheat taste
each side toasted slightlty and wanted to put cream cheese
but no cream cheese in my fridge for a while
blueberry jam instead was still good enough
had a happy breakfast

currently trying on spring potpourri
not sure what can be dried well
it is fun experiment that you never know what the outcome might be

ingredients for my spring fun is:
yellow margaret i bought the other day, 
orange pyracantha augustifolia i harvested near my house,
white christmas rose petal

since christmas rose is so fragile, i don't usually know what
to do with flower but this time, flower is about to die,
so whether successful or not, i am trying to preserve it's prettiness

friday isn't it ! 
fun weekend will come to your door

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