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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

who get jealous

a well mannered salesman comes visit her work every once a week,
she seems to like the atmosphere surround him,
polite, calm, not too loud, well dressed, does his work very well
without interruption
the air surround him seems very pure
but she knows the rule
pretend like she didn't notice anything

other woman get jealous
but she is not afraid
she's always been liberating in her world
she likes to talk to people whether old or young
she likes to walk around freely without restrain
she likes to smile when she feels good

people look at her differently and rolled their eyes,
but she is ok
she knows the better world
free to talk to anyone she feels like
free to walk around wherever her heart desires
free to smile and wink when she feels warm in her heart


  1. Like a writing from a secret journal...really love these posts Coco. Gotta have a little mystery in your life, right? ;)