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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

when you walk through rosemary path

took this rosemary path to get to the store,
full of rosemary all over here and i couldn't help myself pinching
the leaves to get the lovely fragrance as i walked by

the front yard of ghost house has various kinds of wild flower
throughout the season and it has very inviting effect,
every time when i pass by, those tiny creture makes me
feel i want to stop for a moment and look at them

after shopping and paied rent at the bank, i came home,
fixed easy spaghetti with garden herb

today, i bought some new pots for my plants which need
larger place to strech their arm and legs more freely,
i will repot them and also sow lots of more new seed
lavender, cardiospermum, morning glory, zucchini,
basil, and some others..........................
spring has just started


  1. Today we have been working in our garden with my little girl and all those seeds which you sent to me have their new place :D
    thanks for them again

    ps i love rosmary and zucchini and pasta...