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Friday, April 20, 2012

dried garden flower

i have been experimenting making dried flower
but not from store purchased cutting flower, i thought that
some flower from my own garden might be a good material
for this.  i like the outcome of paper cascade and yellow
the other day, i bought myself double gauze polkdot pajama
rain today and throughout the weekend


  1. Is that your new PJs in the first picture? Looks beautiful! As do the dried flowers.

  2. so nice to see you again!
    I am experimenting with dry flowers too. It is raining very hard here...

  3. I was just thinking that maybe I'm in my pyjama all this week end...I'm tired but your pictures made me smile.
    Be well Coco

  4. @mirva, i my old pj are so worn out which i have worn for over 10yrs now. so i treated myself a new cute one.^^

    @alicia, by preserving own garden flower, it stays with me even on a rainy day and nice to look at them. that is why i like dried one as well. i would love to see your experiment too.

    @maria, your ward made my heart warm. thank you and hope your weekend goes well. it was supposed to rain today but at the moment, my saturday morning started with sun peaking through.. hope she stays around all day. have a very peaceful weekend, maria.