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Saturday, April 21, 2012

garden this morning

my garden is smiling these days for abundant sunshine
planted red, purple pink, and unknown color(from my nephew)
in the fall now making beautiful color in front my eyes
creating cheerful morning

cryptotaenia sprouting here and there a lot
this is the most easiest herb to grow
i am going to save the seed if anyone is
interested in getting this seed
geum and raspberry are doing well
i have been able to harvest bit of mizuna forsalad
each day, fresh green from own garden taste like
homemade food
sweet peas seed from norway, vibeke is sprouting
flax seed from velerie, couldn't resist with my curiousity
i sowed some of them and now showing springy little face
camomile(?), if i remember correctly
.............. ♪ will see


achillea millefolium (yallow white)
they were about to be thrown away at the garden center
and i saved them with dime
placed in a larger pot, water them..
they are back to life again


  1. Your garden is a dream! :) I'm loving the popsicle stick label idea.

  2. This looks so wonderful! Hope you can enjoy for a long time! My plants started to grow but then there was one very cold unexpected night and everything was frozen and withered. Hopefully some of them can recover but I think I've lost my geranium.

  3. Your garden looks fantastic, your plants are so healthy! I can see they are happy, it's like they are smiling at the sun. It's nice to look at them.

  4. What a wonderful collection of plants!

  5. wow you have been doing a lot in your garden. Looks very good.
    Wish you a nice weekend!

  6. So lovely to see you being busy with your garden. You have a great variety of plants growing. Mizuna is my favourite salad ingredient, but little bugs around here love it so much that they usually destroy all the leaves before I get to enjoy them.

  7. dear coco, your post did arrive yesterday. Thank you so much, I start to sow them today. Interesting plant I see-herbal plant. Keep you updated. wish you a wonderful weekend. x

  8. Oh, so beautiful, dear coco! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I agree complite with Merruli:) you have so lovely garden!

  10. My goodness what a beautiful garden you have Coco! I love that you are able to harvest fresh greens for your salad. xo, j

  11. Those are some happy plants :) The geum is especially pretty.