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Friday, May 4, 2012

only one

i couldn't recall the color of tullip bulbs i planted in the fall
whatever the color comes out in terracotta pot
i was going to welcome them
then, several dark purple tullips and two pink tullips showed up
they really brightened up the garden
enjoyed them all .....but after while i was longing for ivory white color
then, there was only one very pale whitish yellow tullip
was blooming!  during the windy storm, i couldn't resist
watching her fighting with the wind any longer,
in the middle of the storm, i got out, trimed with long stem,
she is the only one tullip survived from this storm
now i am enjoying her right next to me


  1. i'm glad you saved pretty. hope you have a lovely, quiet weekend. xo, j

  2. So nice, I love tulips, they have all so different pretty colors. Enjoy your weekend, dear coco!

  3. That looks like a very grateful tulip to me :)

  4. Such a lovely story! I could imagine you so well. Made me think of a Yoko Ogawa novel...