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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

blue daisy from garden

i am greatful for the fact i have little bit of green in the garden
that i can munch on when i am hungry
and cut the piece of flower to decorate the table
soon, there will be lots of buttefly and bees flyring in the garden

during spring through summer, i spend a lot of time
devoting my time to nature and the garden.  being out there,
really makes me want to just live there if possiblity arises.
nothing but me and tree, flower, and ....chicken


  1. The knitting is coming along beautifully! Love the blue daisy. : ) xo, j

  2. Beautiful coco!! I always love your photos!

  3. the same blue flowers in our garden!
    and on my blog there is a tiny blue flower
    growing wild out of stone steps by the sea
    i took the photograph for you
    thinking of our conversation


  4. Ohh do you have chicken in your backyard, too? I can't wait for my arugula to grow bigger, so I can start eating it. :P

  5. Chickens are wonderful. For many years I kept mini chickens (bantams) that laid pale blue and cream colored eggs. They always made the most relaxing contented noises while they were walking around eating.

    The color of that daisy is so perfectly BLUE. I love it.