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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

mini flower

i recently found two petite flowers
they are so adoreble and the color is
so soft and comforting 
do anyone know their name?

 it looks like thyme but not sure what kind

this tiny tiny cute face

i would love to know the name of these two tiny compaions
appreciate any information if you kwow what they are


  1. if i`m not mistaken its - caerulea,
    in latin. or `blue sky`,
    and the leaves are similar to forest
    viola, once i read they look alike.

  2. the blue one looks similar to one that grows in our garden. i don't know the name but i love your photos of it, they capture just how delicate it is.


  3. We call the bottom one 'bluets" or "Quaker ladies" here Coco. houstonia caerulea

  4. although i've never seen this variety of thyme with this perfect round head of blossoms (how pretty) the leaves & stems let no doubt : i'm sure this is a thyme ! is it fragrant ?

  5. thanks all!
    i now found that the first one is thyme but not as fragrancefull as my the other regular thyme.
    blue one, seems to be "bluets". i love the light color of both. i have already potted them, hopefully they grow well.
    thanks for your information.