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Sunday, May 6, 2012

garden update

thanks to all the readers of my blog, i've received so many
different kinds of seed.   don't have large garden, but trying to
sow them and watch them grow as many as possible in my
balcony garden. 

nastatium seed from moni ✾
poppy seed from hans sprouting☺
always thought lavender was a dream herb for me
this year, the first time in my life i bought little lavender pot
now growing tall with charming blue purple flower on the tip
nice treat for my eyes

sowed buckwheat seed i successfully collected last year
now showing baby leaves here

poppy from nearby street


  1. It looks so summer like there already! Some days ago I sowed the pumpkin seed from you and they are already sprouting. They will have to manage some weeks inside before it's safe to plant them outside.

  2. I'm glad to se that the poppy seed is germinating. I hope the rest of the seeds will grow too. Today and yesterday there has been a lot of snow here in nothern Sweden, but I still hope for warm winds and spring flowers.
    I don´t like snow.
    This weekend I soved the seeds that you sended me for some months ago, I hope they will grow, that kind of seeds are so exotic for me.
    Have a nice day.

  3. i'm glad you're surrounded by "friendship seeds/plants" how lovely !
    i like the lush of this path...
    is it clematis that i can spot on the right ? we have meadowsweet/spirea in our yard. i'm allergic to the flowers/pollen but couldn't resist bringing in a few branches in a vase ...