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Saturday, May 12, 2012

kitchen towel

do you have favorite kitchen towels?
blue cotton set of three & red line
from ikea became favorite kitchen item at the moment
love the linen like texture


  1. I've got these from ikea too. So good for their price!

    I recently got one of these from a local store. I wouldn't normaly have something so bright in my house but they were so beautiful that I had to have one.

  2. i need to take a trip to ikea soon, those were pretty!


    yes i have two favourites:
    one with lovely polkadots from a far away friend : )
    one that is knitted in cotton from my mum.

  3. coco, hope you will feel
    better soon, the violet-bidens tea
    is very helpful if you have allergy.

    mine is from ikea, too,
    but brown linen with
    one thin stripe.

  4. they're pretty !
    i will soon need to renew some of ours, so i'll keep an eye on t-towels during our visit to ikea soon, thanks for the tip