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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

help ❤ looking for pink flower seed

in my garden, most of the flower color i have are
blue, white, yellow, purple flower but luck of
pink which is one of my favorite and i really miss having sweet pink flower
lately, i am crazy about flower and dream of creating pink flower
garden in my balcony but unable to find decent pink flower. 
i have been wanted to ask this for a while.
i would like to ask anyone who would like to do seed exchange
with me.  my seed availability is
orange poppy, yellow poppy, rucola,
morning glory, cardiospermum etc..
and maybe some japanese herb seed

possibly, i have been wanted to have
pale pink, slmon pink and other pink flower
if you have any from your garden or store
whichever is greatly appreciated
i will be looking forward to hear from you
thanks in advance
some pink garden photo form tasha's garden i'm in love with


  1. Pink and green - my favorite color combination.

    I love pink. The right shade is so gentle and calming.

  2. I will send you beautiful in pink. Thanks for the clear idea! Hugs!

  3. Beautiful photos coco.... hope you find just theright pink for your garden!

  4. love pink flowers too.
    I am quite happy with my new geraniums. I have for windows are they are plenty of them. But I have bought the plants. I am not very good at the moment making seeds grow ;(
    Maybe I will have some echinaceas for you :)

  5. I'll send you some pink flowers Coco. I received the seeds you sent me. Thank you so much!

  6. the right one is (maybe) a Lavatera and the left one is the blossom of an appletree? i'm not sure, but theye are beuatifull!