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Monday, May 7, 2012


getting ready to sow cardiospermum and bitter melon seed
they are good climber which is suitable for making green curtains
by the window

bush warbler was singing in the woods
where i went for a walk this afternoon
if you like to hear his lovely voice
(sorry, my video technique is not good though)

i keep bringing nature home after each walk


  1. so special to hear some bird singing in Japan from my house ! thank you for sharing !
    how i just love these bittersweet melon seeds. I have never seen them here, they have such an interesting texture !

  2. hello coco,
    the pictures are all so nice and shows also the love you put in them.
    didn't you get my package? i sent it about three weeks ago. i hope i didn't do any mistake in the address.

  3. Incredible scream! Thank you for that!