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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

rainy today

soon i can have rucola salad
succulent is in full bloom and they look prettier in rain
rainy day off today


  1. Hello! It´s me again! Is your rucola bitter than italian rucola? I´m really curious.
    Tha yellow little flowers are so delicate and beautiful!
    Hava a sweet rainy day.

  2. @varia
    i never had italian rucola, so i am not sure if its taste any different or not. mine has sesame oil flavor like taste.

  3. such a peaceful scene, hope your day off was relaxing. xo, j

  4. yes it is good for the greens.
    i can't believe you're so ahead of us and already have lavender blossoms !
    we were on the channel island of Jersey on Sunday and wanted to visit their lavender farm but didn't in the end because the bushes were not in bloom and there was nothing to see !

  5. here it is very rainy too.

    hope you can enjoy eating your rucola soon.

    wish you a good day