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Monday, May 14, 2012

seed giveaway

i have lots of seed more than i can grow in my own garden
i would so love to sow them throughout the world
these are all from my summer garden i had last year

buckwheat (can be eaten in salad if you like to try)
pink morning glory (some maybe blue though✾)
cardiospermum (cute balloon will entertain you)
whoever is interested in receiving
you are welcome to leave a comment by 5/18
i will choose two people to send the seed package
my allergy is making me sicker than ever
tea all of you have sent me have been a delicious treat
trying to recover with lots of fluid


  1. So sorry about your terrible allergies--hope the teas help!

    I would love to plant some seeds from Japan in my German garden!

  2. I already planted some seeds that I received from you. But maybe I can start a japanese garden when I win this give away;-)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your allergies and will send a little remedy this week. Hope you fell better soon, xo, j

  4. So sorry to hear you are sick !My husband and boy have allergies too and they are in very bad mood all the time:(...
    i love you posts-they make me fell warm joy in my heart.Thank you Coco.

  5. i am drinking green of london right now : )
    hope you feel better soon!!!

    i would love to plant those seeds,
    crossing my fingers...

  6. Your garden is lovely. And maybe I have some of your flowers in my own garden.
    Sorry to hear about your allergies and I hope you will feel better soon.
    Hugs, Pauline

  7. Hi!! I love your blog, i´m a garden lover like you! I live in Italy. If you want we could make a seed exchange, what you think. I love Japan! Happy to be your follower

  8. Try eating some raw unpasturized honey Coco, and hyssop flower tea. Sometimes that helps allergies. I'd love to give some seeds a try. I always wanted to try the type of buckwheat you grow.

  9. I HAVE to participate! I'm so in love with your plants! Get well soon Coco ;)

    p.s. Sorry for the lack of comments... I'm super busy with my job...

  10. oh I'm sorry you've been down with allergies. i can relate ! but it's not been too bad because of the rainy april (kept the pollens down) but still my nose is almost bleeding. what are you allergic too ?
    i 'm trying homeopathy against allergies this year, we'll see. can't be worse anyway.
    please count me in for the cardiospernum seeds, i've always been fascinated by these !
    thank you for this give-away <3

  11. hope you will feel better soon!
    all your seeds look so good and i really like buckwheat to eat. I eat it because I have intolerance for grains and gluten and buckwheat is a good replacer.
    take good care of yourself

  12. Dear Coco, thanks for your comment ;-)! I really like to join your giveaway! I've already have a lot of baby plants, some grow fast and some don't, hope they will all make it! Wish you a sunny relaxed day and that your allergy won't keep you down too much!