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Thursday, May 17, 2012

tip for seasonal allergy

anybody has good tip for seasonal allergy?
i prefer using as much as natural remedie such as
herbs, supplement, food, anthing other than
taking medicine.  if you have any good suggestion,
i would like to hear.
and thank you in advance ♡

p.s. tomorrow 5/18 is the last day to enter
this ✾


  1. my brother's family suffers from allergies so he bought local honey and had them take a tablespoon everyday. it's not a quick fix but long term it reduced their symptoms. the key is to get something collected from local bees. hope this helps! : )

  2. I tried nettle tea last year when I had seasonal allergies. It is a natural source of antihistamines apparently. It did help I think.

  3. I have heard great things about the effectiveness of local honey but I haven't tried it myself. I think it might depend in what you are allergic to.

    I can personally recommend using a neti pot every day to clear the sinuses. I feel such a big difference when I use it.

    I saw your comment about your giveaway. I love the idea, but we have very strict quarantine here In Australia and I don't know if seeds would make it through. :(